Vehicle Activated Signs are coming to Cranford

A Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) is a generic term for a type of road traffic sign which displays a message conditional upon the presence, or speed, of a road vehicle.

Cranford Parish Council has been successful with its grant application to the Northamptonshire Safer Roads Alliance and has been awarded a grant of £4,414 by the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire from its Northamptonshire Road Safety Community Fund. This funding has been used to purchase two Speed Limit Reminder (SLR) signs.

With the help of Northamptonshire Highways, Cranford Parish Council has identified six locations for these SLR signs and the intention is that the SLR signs will be moved regularly to cover these locations.

Cranford Parish Council has also purchased the data capture functionality for the SLR signs. This functionality captures the speed and time of vehicles passing the SLR signs. This data can then be used to help illustrate the problem of speeding through the village; help determine which locations in the village benefit most from the deployment of the SLR signs; and help Cranford Parish Council demonstrate the benefits of this project.  The data capture functionality does not capture vehicle registration numbers.

The SLR signs will be erected over the next few weeks, initially one on the entrance to the village from Barton Seagrave, and the other on the entrance to the village from Grafton Underwood.

Stephen Pickard
Chair of Cranford Parish Council