Dec 2020

Current applications -details available from

KET/2020/0803  36 Duck End- converting agricultural buildings                   Comments by 30th Dec
KET/2020/0634  Renotification for amended plans- 21 St Andrews Lane     Comments by 4th Jan 2021
KET/2020/0882  Hanwod Park- Parcel 22 Cranford Rd, North side- removal of 280m of the hedgerow.    Comments by 5th January 2021
KET/2020/0761  Listed Building Consent   16 Duck End  Replacement rear porch   Comments by 5th January 2021

All current applications sent to the Parish Council for consultation appear on the relevant Agenda, unless recieved outside of a meeting.

Where a meeting is not possible to discuss any applications, the Council have delegated the Clerk to make comments.

The Parish Council, and residents are able to make comments with regards to any Material Considerations, such as

  • Accordance with relevant policy
  • Accordance with relevant advice
  • The number, size, layout, siting, design and external appearance of buildings
  • Impact on the neighbourhood of an area. Would the proposal harm the character or amenity of the area? Impact on the amenities of adjoining properties in terms of privacy, and daylight, e.g. overshadowing or overlooking. (A ‘right to light’, is a private matter that cannot be taken into account)
  • The effect on traffic, road access and visibility, parking and highway safety.
  • The appropriateness of the proposed land use, e.g. the conversion of a house in a quiet residential street to a shop or restaurant.

Please note that comments on applications for Listed Building Consent or Conservation Area Consent, must relate to the character of the building and the effect of the work to be undertaken. Likewise, on applications for Certificates of Lawful Development (Existing or Proposed) comments can only be made on the facts (evidence) of the case, not on its planning merits.