Covid-19 Information

During this health crisis, the Parish Council will strive to keep residents informed and work with other organisations to help all in the village

Update- October 2020

Latest Coronavirus information from Northamptonshire County Council. If you would like to see regular weekly updates- please follow this link

The  Government website has all up to date advice as to the current situation and what you should be doing to keep safe

Social distancing and protecting the vulnerable

Stay at home guidance

NHS advice can be found here

Updated advice on what Parish Councils can do during this time is available from Northants Local Association of Councils- our advisory body

Kettering Borough Council have a useful page explaining how all their services will be impacted- please follow the link

As we become aware of the help that is available in Cranford, we will update here

23rd March 2020

Village Hall– The VH has set up an email group/hub where requests for help can be put to trigger support be that practically or emotionally. They are also setting up a buddy system

The Village Hall is also looking for donations of wool, in order that residents can help knit squares for neo-natal and care homes. These can be left in the porch of the Village Hall

Please contact     or 07483368663

24th March 2020

The Red Lion have set up a ‘Non-Profit Cranford Shop’ delivering to Cranford and Twywell. Please click on the deliverymenu for further info

1st April 2020

Northamptonshire’s Community Resilience Service launches new Coronavirus Support Line-managed by the Customer Service Centre at Northants County Council

The new support line, which goes live today, allows those who cannot leave their homes under current restrictions and those who have nobody to call upon for help, to request support in getting access to food, prescriptions and other vital services that they require.

Those requiring help are asked to call the support line on the following number.

0300 126 1000 (option 5)

Individuals can also email and ask for help.

20th April- Kettering Food Banks

This is a list of the available food banks in the area- whether you need the services or wish to donate   59244_Kettering_Food_Outlets_Virus_Update_no8_14.04.2020