Parish Council

Cranford Parish Council comprises a variety of elected and co-opted Councillors and a paid clerk. They all work together to be a strong voice for residents and local businesses in Cranford, working to improve the overall village area, both built and natural and to provide effective and accountable local government for the parish enabling residents to be involved in the life of the community and its future development. As a small council, there are no sub-committees. All councillors share the same responsibilities

Cranford Parish Council

  • Cllr Stephen Pickard, Chairman
  • Cllr Alison Gorton, Vice Chairman
  • Cllr Neil Bradley
  • Cllr Fergus Gallagher
  • Cllr Stewart Holford
  • Cllr Ian Jones
  • Cllr Trudy Martin
  • Clerk, Pat Bird
    Telephone: 07522 582251

Councillors Registers of Interest are published by North Northamptonshire Council