Poors Land Charity

Cranford Parish Council have been in discussion regarding the historic Cranford Poors Land Charity and how effective it is in supporting the residents of the village.  It was set up many years ago when the village had a responsibility to support the “poor” of the parish.  The charity has, over time, changed its approach and now provides a single annual payment of £10 to a small number, 4, of elderly residents.  We are finding that the original criteria for becoming eligible to qualify for the payment are not applicable in today’s village life, and therefore the parish council expect the list to reduce to zero over time. This has left us concerned to make sure we are using the fund most effectively for the needs of the disadvantaged in the village. So, we propose to make changes to how the money within the charity is used.

Subject to any comments from residents, the Parish Council intend to apply to the Charity Commission to wind up the fund and use the remaining monies, approximately £6,000, to fund improvements for the benefit of all.  However in the spirit of the Cranford Charity, we intend to focus on the needs of the elderly and those with mobility or other disability issues.

If you wish to comment on our discussion please contact any councillor or email the Council on cranfordparish@gmail.com

The Parish Council will consider any points raised at its meeting on 10th August before coming to a final decision on the charity.


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